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About Us

Who doesn’t love playing with dogs? We know we do.

At Dura Doggie, the best day at work is when we can take our canine friends to the park and do some “product testing.” When combining the simplicity of a dog playing with its toy and the details involved in product design, the end result is what we like to call Dura Doggie. We sit down every morning and talk about what our goals are, including discussion about our philanthropy, our open and young minds exploding with creativity, and our drive to make sure that everyone is happy while holding a Dura Doggie product.


When creating success, one must look at the world around and give back. Raad Mobrem, Chase McElroy, and Frank Jones, the three young founders felt that they could do more through their dog product designs. Issues from breast cancer to preserving land led to the decision of giving a large portion of their profits back to the causes that their customers were most passionate about. Thus was born Chews Your Cause and a new way of doing business. Now customers can buy Dura Doggie products and donate at the very same time.

Dura Doggie, MORE than just a toy.

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