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About Us

Three college students create a dog toy company while attending class…talk about productive.

While attending college at the University of California at Santa Barbara, three students (including myself) met inside the Harold Frank hall to learn that we would be creating a “fake” product along with a “fake” company for our course in entrepreneurism. After many brainstorm sessions and a plethora of critical thinking, the team decided to stick with our first and most simple idea…a dog toy. A dog toy so great and so amazing that it would cure all the world’s problems. Well, that was our goal.

The day of the presentation, the class sat in anticipation to hear our words about the “pet world” and boy did we come through. To make it even better, we actually produced a toy for the class and not a single group in the history of the course did so for this assignment, until we came along. By the end of the class, we were throwing a Dura Doggie product to a high demand of students that were both thrilled and shocked that they had a physical toy in their hands. The air was crisp and the night was late, but energy was flying for the new Dura Doggie Company.

Soon after, we decided to take the small class project and introduce it to the world…we had no idea what to expect. Would people like it or would they turn their heads away? Luckily, the world approved and the Dura Doggie Disc was thus born. The first store that we ever got into (Dexter’s Deli) loved the product and was getting a highly positive response from their customers…and the disc didn’t even have packaging at this point.

With the new marketplace acceptance and energized drive, the Dura Doggie team decided that they needed to do more than just create dog products. They needed to create dog products that would give back and they decided to do so by asking their customers to “Chews Your Cause.” This indefinite campaign would allow our customers to donate to various causes based on the color product they purchased. For instance, orange Dura Doggie toys would represent fighting diabetes and the Dura Doggie team would donate 20% of profits towards that cause. And there would be more than one color and one cause. In the end, their goal of creating dog products that would cure all the worlds’ problem is all starting to come true.

Join our story of changing the world by purchasing a Chews Your Cause product today!

Join the Fight!

Raad Mobrem
President, Dura Doggie